Throughout the year, the Down Syndrome Association offers several informational conferences:

  • Regional Conference: Held biennially in the spring. Topics covered are generally relevant for ages birth to teen, however, we do offer workshops that are relevant through transition and adulthood.
  • Adult Matters: Held annually in the spring. Topics cover are relevant to teens through adulthood.
  • Voices & Choices: Held annually in the spring. This conference is put together by people with Down syndrome, for people with Down syndrome. Attendees must be 14 years old in order to attend.
  • Grandparents: Held annually in May. This conference is just for grandparents and covers topics in which grandparents have expressed interest.
  • Educators: Held annually in October. This conference is for anyone who works with individuals with Down syndrome in an educational setting (special education teachers, regular education teachers, paraprofessionals, occupational therapists, etc.) and parents.
  • Workshops: Held whenever a topic presents itself. Watch the website for upcoming workshops.