Adult Matters

5th Annual Adult Matters Conference

September 12th, 2015
9:00 – 4:00

Marriott West
9960 Wayzata Blvd
St. Louis Park, MN



The Olmstead Plan—In 1999, the US Supreme Court ruled that segregation of people with disabilities is illegal. The “Olmstead Decision” said people with disabilities are best served alongside everyone else, and must be integrated in the community as much as possible, with supports necessary. So, Minnesota has now made a plan—the Olmstead Plan—to increase community integration for its citizens with disabilities. Minnesota will take action to promote full integration with full supports in each of these seven areas: Housing, Jobs, School and Lifelong Learning, Transportation, Healthy Living, Community Life and Support Services. Clearly, this will affect how our sons and daughters with Down syndrome receive services. This workshop will give us an overview of what the future might look like under the Olmstead Plan.

Creative Solutions to Housing and Employment— Jerry Mellum is a Senior Planning Analyst in the Hennepin County Children, Family and Adult Services Department. He will be discussing creative options and solutions for Housing and Employment. He will discuss options for families with a waiver, as well as options for families without a waiver. His presentation will be generalized for services in Minnesota, not just specific for those who live in Hennepin County.

It’s Probably NOT Alzheimer’s—How likely is it that our child with Down syndrome will eventually have Alzheimer’s? Dr. Dennis McGuire will give the statistical probabilities. He will highlight the importance of ruling out ALL other causes for suspected Alzheimer’s behavior and symptoms. Finally, he will provide an overview of the very exciting research being done on Alzheimer’s and the relationship with Down syndrome by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.


9:00—9:15 Registration

9:15—9:30 Welcome

The Olmstead Plan
Presenter: Dr. Darlene Zangara
Executive Director
Minnesota Olmstead Implementation Office

11:00—11:15 Break

Creative Solutions to Housing and Employment
Presenter: Jerry Mellum
Hennepin County, Senior Planning Analyst
Children Family & Adult Services Department

12:45—1:45 Lunch

Update on the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota
Presenter: Kathleen Forney
Executive Director, DSAM

It’s Probably NOT Alzheimer’s
Presenter: Dr. Dennis McGuire
Denver Adult Down Syndrome Clinic
Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Fee & Registration

Whole Day

$50 for DSAM Members
$60 for Non Members

Half Day

$40 Lunch & Dr. McGuire Workshop
$30 Dr. McGuire workshop only

Online registration is now closed. If you would like to register, please call the DSAM office at (651) 603-0720