Educator Conference

2016 Educator Conference

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November 3rd, 2016

2015 Educator Conference

On November 5th, 76 educators and parents attended DSAM’s 9th annual Educator Conference held at the Marriott West in St. Louis Park.  The morning session was presented by Wendy Selnes, a perennial favorite speaker at our conferences.  Wendy’s presentation was titled Spotlight on Classroom Integration and focused on how to deal with behaviors that may challenge educators in inclusive settings.

Comments from Wendy’s evaluations:

  • Can’t wait to try these ideas in my class!
  • Thank you for very tangible ideas—I want to get started NOW!
  • I strongly feel all educators should hear this!
  • Great speaker/presenter—loved her humor and real teaching situations that she shared.
  • As a parent it helps to understand some of the ways the teachers can interact and relate to my child.
  • Wendy had phenomenal stories and kept my attention the whole time. Her passion was contagious and inspiring.

The afternoon session was presented by Karen Swanson, Current DSAM Board President and Gina Cole, district reading specialist in Proctor Minnesota.  Karen and Gina’s presentation was How to Teach Reading to Children with Down Syndrome Using the Reading and Language Intervention Program. 

Comments from Karen and Gina’s evaluations:

  • Loved it! Would like to do it in my district!
  • Really great to learn this approach! Can’t wait to work on this with my gal!
  • Very exciting info about this program! Thanks!  Lots of great info and ideas.
  • Gina did a great job presenting the reading/language strands in a simple, straight-forward way.
  • Great speaking team. I was excited to hear this information and I enjoyed the examples and concrete outline.
  • Love this program and how successful it allows the child to be. Love all the resources.  I am excited to implement this with the child I work with.

The next Educator Conference will be held in the Fall 2016.  If you have suggestions for topics and/or speakers, please contact Kathleen Holiday at the DSAM office 651-603-0720 or