Duluth Area Picnic and Z Puppets Rosenschnoz Performance

Join us for the Down Up North Picnic and a performance by Z Puppets Rosenschnoz!

August 23rd
Picnic: 5:00, Performance 7:00

at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
1710 E Superior St., Duluth, MN 55812

Hosted by the Duluth Area Parent Group—Down Up North and the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota, join us for some great food and fun! All you need to provide is yourself and your beverages.

Monkey Mind Pirates Family Yoga Party
The world’s only puppet, rock, yoga adventure 
for families in search of calm

Tap into the power of puppets, rock and yoga with the Monkey Mind Pirates Family Yoga Party!

Join the Quest for Calm with catchy, original songs, simple yoga poses and a playful approach to mindfulness. Get the whole family moving, as you help Captain Fitz navigate the stormy seas of stress and tame the unruly Monkey Mind Pirates. After the show, stay and visit the Island of Calm for creative writing and drawing activities, yoga fun and a mingle with the Monkeys! Turn your family’s “Arrghs” into “Oms” with this award-winning musical performance. Recommended for ages 2 and up.

Please RSVP by August 20th  either by visiting

downupnorth.com and follow the link to RSVP or by calling (800) 511-3696