World Down Syndrome Day

Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st, 2012

Commemoration of World Down Syndrome Day started on March 21, 2006. This celebration has become an international sensation with Down syndrome organizations and the communities they serve across the country in these short years. The date was chosen to signify the uniqueness of Down syndrome in the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome (3/21).

The annual observance of World Down Syndrome Day aims to foster awareness and understanding of Down syndrome and to promote support and recognition of the dignity, rights and well-being of individuals with Down syndrome locally, nationally and globally.

The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota (DSAM) would like to bring World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) to Minnesota with our dress down day fund raiser!

Dress Down Day

dress down day sticker

The DSAM is seeking schools, companies, restaurants and other places in Minnesota to host this easy awareness and fundraising event.

DSAM asks that one day be chosen in March (preferably Monday, March 21st) as an opportunity for employees and students to make a donation to “dress down”. Hosting a Dress Down Day is an easy way to increase morale within your company whilst promoting unity for a great cause.

By participating in this fundraiser, you are raising money to support the programs and services of DSAM while increasing awareness and understanding of Down syndrome.

Those interested in participating in Dress Down Day will receive a Dress Down Day kit, which includes a registration letter, posters for your work place or school, remittance envelopes, pledge-information sheets and Dress Down Day stickers for participants. Visit

Request your Dress Down Packet today:

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Are you looking for a new way to celebrate World Down Syndrome day?

Consider having a screening of “Just Like You – Down Syndrome”, a film that follows the lives of three teenagers with Down syndrome:

Just Like You – Down Syndrome explores the life, hopes, challenges and dreams of three teenagers living with Down syndrome. Elyssa, Rachel and Sam share personal stories to help viewers better understand their condition and why they wish to be treated just like you. Each of our stars has their own talents, characteristics, strengths and challenges. Down syndrome is just one part of who they are and this film identifies how to handle and accommodate differences while celebrating the many similarities our friends with Down syndrome have with their peers.

The film’s primary goal is to open hearts and change perspectives because “when you have the knowledge to understand, and when you understand you can accept that kids with Down syndrome just want to be treated like any other kid, just like you.”

Just like You – Down Syndrome was a collaborative project produced and directed by two Kansas City non-profits, the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City and Just Like You Films, Inc. The Association has several copies of the movie available in our lending library for check out. Or copies can be purchased by visiting

Need more ideas? Here you go!

  • Contact your pediatrician, OB/GYN, or therapists and send a thank you note with an updated picture and story about your child’s progress and achievements. OB/GYNs are usually the professionals who are giving the pre-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome, and often they know very little about what life with a child with Down syndrome is like. Show them photos of your child with classmates, family and friends. This can help change any pre-conceived ideas of what it means to have Down syndrome.
  • Peer Presentation: Provide a 15-20 minute overview of Down syndrome to students in your child’s grade level. An Elementary School Book Bundle with presentation guide would be a perfect addition to your child’s classroom! We have elementary school book bundles with presentation guides available for purchase – visit Or, you can just check out a few books from the library to read to our child’s class about Down syndrome.
  • Participate in Dress Down Day: call the DSAM office for your kit today!
  • Call the DSAM office to receive free World Down Syndrome Day stickers
  • Call your local library and ask them to put out a display about Down syndrome.
  • Have a party!
  • Ask your local schools to send home a flyer about WDSD and DS in every student’s backpack. Call us, we can help you with age appropriate materials for your child’s classmates.
  • Have a family film night featuring movies that include actors with Down syndrome.
  • Ask your families to take the “Stop the R-Word” pledge in honor of WDSD.

Elementary School Book Bundles

Book bundles are back! Order yours today!

For $30 you can purchase an Elementary School Book Bundle, a $40 value, for your child’s classroom. The bundles include My Friend Isabelle with teachers guide, We Will Paint the Octopus Red, Taking Down Syndrome to School and My Friend has Down Syndrome, posters for the classroom and a guide to giving presentations to your child’s classmates.

Order your bundles online by using our secure site or by calling the DSAM office (651) 603-0720 or (800) 511-3696.

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.