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IDCategoryBook TitleAuthor# of copiesDate PublishedDescription
01-035AdulthoodCount Us In: Growing up with Down SyndromeJason Kingsley & Mitchell Levits31994
01-036AdulthoodThe Criminal Justice System and Mental RetardationRonald Conley, Ruth Luckasson, and George Bouthilet11992This book addresses the complex issues pertaining to the interaction between people with mental retardatlion and the justice system including: addressing competence to stand trial; determining criminal responsibility; and designing rehab programs.
01-037AdulthoodDisability and The Family: A Guide to Decisions for AdulthoodH.R. Turnball11989This book contains guidelines and strategies for simplifying the future planning process. This book is divided into four sections: Decision Making, Financial Planning & Gov't Benefits, Life in the Community, and Advocacy.
01-038AdulthoodFriendships and Community Connections between People With and Without Developmental DisabilitiesAngela Amada11993Different facets of friendships are explored in this publication including work and leisure relationships, gender-related expectations, and community associations and groups.
01-041AdulthoodOn My OwnAndrew Halpen11986The focus of this book is semi-independent living programs (SILPs) for adults with mental retardation. On My Own examines the success of these programs and of the lives of their clients.
01-042AdulthoodWhen a Parent is Mentally RetardedBarbara Whitman and Pasquale Accardo11990This book is an examination of the rights of adults with mental retardation to raise their children and the problems they face.
01-133AdulthoodHelping Adults With Mental Retardation Grieve A Death LossCharlene Luchterhand, MSSW & Nancy Murphy, M.Ed.11998Essential reading for all helping professionals in dealing with death.
01-134AdulthoodA Real Nice But, articles that inspire, inform and infuriateDave Hingsburger11999A collection of writings that brings together articles from a variety of different magazines and newspapers in the disability movement.
01-135AdulthoodIN: DIFFERENCE, a little book about diversityMichael Soucie, Astra Milberg, Dave Hingsburger02001Short articles from the three authors.
01-137AdulthoodNo More Job InterviewsAlice Weiss Doyel12000Self-employment strategies for people with disabilities.
01-165AdulthoodWomen with Disabilities Aging Well- A Global ViewPatricia Noonan Walsh, Barbara LeRoy12004A well reseached study, and a moving narrative filled with compassion that will deepen your understanding about women and aging, about disability and about the world
01-167AdulthoodWorking Relationships- Creating Career Opportunities for Job Seekers with Disabilities through Employer PartnershipsRichard G. Luecking, Ellen S. Fabian, George P. Tilson12004A good resource for professionals assisting people with disabilities in finding employment
01-168AdulthoodMental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome: A Guide to Emotional and Behavioral Strengths and ChallengesDennis McGuire and Brian Chicoine72006An upbeat, thoroughly readable guide, providing parents, mental health professional, teacher and caregiers the keys to understanding how to promote mental wellness and resolve psychosocial problems in people with Down syndrome.
01-169AdulthoodAdults with Down SyndromeSiegfried M. Pueschel22006People w/ DS are living longer, fuller lives than ever before - this book is the 1st comprehensive book on the social, clinical, legal and personal issues these individuals navigate.
01-170AdulthoodLet's Cook! Healthy Meals for Independent LivingElizabeth Riesz PhD & Anne Kissack M.P.H, R.D.22010This book helps individuals with special needs cook simple and complete healthy meals with recipes using all the MyPyramid food groups.It promotes and reinforces life skills for independent living
01-171AdulthoodThe Guide to Good Health for Teens and Adults with Down SyndromeBrian Chicoine & Dennis McGuire32010This book covers the complete scope of healthcare and wellness needs of adolescents and adults and is the compainion of Mental Wellness in Adultsw ith Down Syndrome
01-172AdulthoodThe Attainment Series of Cookbooks, Homecooking-pictures, Home Cooking, Look 'n Cook Microwave,Look 'n Cook Illustrated, Select-a-Meal, Stepping OutAttainment's Life Skills Development SeriesMultiple1999 +/-Meal & Learning plans for adults as they move toward independence
01-173AdulthoodManaging My Money, Banking & Budgeting Basics W/companion CD-ROMNatalie Hale12010Money management is an important independent living skill for adults with Down syndrome…but is most challenging to learn. This is a proven workbook that teaches the basics to teens & adullts who can use a calculator & have math & handwriting skills at a 1st grade level
01-174AdulthoodBienestar mental en los adultos con síndrome de DownBrian Chicoine & Dennis McGuire12011This book covers the complete scope of healthcare and wellness needs of adolescents and adults and is the compainion of Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome,in Spanish
02-061Biographies/TestimonialAnother Season: A Coach's Story of Raising An Exceptional SonGene Stallings11997Story about raising a Down syndrome boy by Alabama football coach Gene Stalkings. Filled with intimate glimpses of family life and football anecdotes this is a story about a father's love for his son.
02-062Biographies/TestimonialBless You For the GiftsMonica Moran Brandies11997This book is a collection of personal stories written by a mother of a large (nine children), rural, Midwestern Catholic family.
02-063Biographies/TestimonialChanged by a Child: Companion Notes for Parents of a Child with a DisabilityBarbara Gill31997Honestly describes the inner needs and range of issues parents face with disabled children
02-064Biographies/TestimonialThe Child Who Never GrewPearl S. Buck11992Originally published in 1950, this book reveals Buck's struggle to help and understand her daughter with mental retardation. (This is a good source for providing a historical perspective on developmental disabilities.)
02-065Biographies/TestimonialExpecting AdamMartha Beck31999Expecting Adam is a chronicle of the nine months of Beck's pregnancy with a child diagnosed with Down syndrome.
02-066Biographies/TestimonialFrom the Heart: On Being the Mother of a Child with Special NeedsMarsh21994In narratives based on their parent support group process, nine mothers explore the intense, sometimes painful, emotional terrain of raising a child with special needs (autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADD).
02-067Biographies/TestimonialR As In ChrrristopherRoberta Martin11990This is a story about a special friendship between a famours artist (calligrapher) and a Down syndrome boy.
02-068Biographies/TestimonialHugs All Around: How Nicholas McCullough Came HomeG. A. Roeker Institute11989This is a story about how a community (a small fishing village in Nova Scotia) came to provide support for one of its own, a young boy born with severe mental and physical handicaps.
02-069Biographies/TestimonialA Special Kind of HeroChris Burke21991The star of "Life Goes On" talks about growing up with Down syndrome and shares stories about his family, his work and his role as Corky Thacher.
02-070Biographies/TestimonialUncommon Fathers: Reflections on Raising a Child with a DisabilityDonald Meyer11995Uncommon Fathers is a collection of essays by fathers who were asked to reflect and write about the life-altering experience of raising a child with a disability.
02-071Biographies/TestimonialViews From Our Shoes: Growing Up with a Brother or Sister with Special NeedsDonald Meyer21997Views From Our Shoes is a collection of essays by siblings (age four to eighteen) who were asked to reflect and write about the experience of having a brother or sister with a disability.
02-072Biographies/TestimonialAdventures in the Mainstream:Coming of Age with Down SyndromeGreg Palmer22005Chronicles two of the most important years in the life of Ned Palmer - transition from high school to work
02-073Biographies/TestimonialThe Sibling Slam Book: What it's really like to have a brother or sister with special needsEdited by Don Meyer2200580 sibs from around the world answer questions about what it is really like to have a brother or sister with special needs
02-074Biographies/testimonialMama & MargaretA. Embry Burrus12005A story about Margaret, a woman with Down syndrome and her 85 year old mother.
02-075Biographies/TestimonialsGifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their LivesKathryn Lynard Soper12007This book helps dispel the fear & misinformation about Down syndrome that many parents and prospective parents face.
02-076Biographies/TestimonialsRoad Map to Holland: How I Found My Way Through My Son's First Two Years with Down SyndromeJennifer Graf Groneberg(1 missing) 32008Join the author on her journey through the first two years of her sons life.
02-101Biographies/TestimonialAfter The Tears: Parents Talk About Raising a Child with a DisabilityRobin Simons11985A collection of stories, written by parents with children who have a disability, to provide the benefit of their experiences, to let you know you're not alone, and to offer encouragement in growing with and loving "special needs" children..
02-102Biographies/TestimonialBrothers, Sisters, and Special NeedsDebra J. Lobato01990Information and activities for helping young siblings of children with chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities.
02-103Biographies/TestimonialLiving with a Brother or Sister with Special NeedsDonald Meyer, Patricia Vadasy, and Rebecca Fewell21985Written especially for siblings this book provides suggrestions for dealing with friends, parents and their own emotions and ways to interact with a disabled child.
02-104Biographies/TestimonialsFasten Your Seatbelt: A Crash Course on Down Syndrome for Brothers & SistersBrian G. Skotko & Susan P Levine22009A complete guide to the joys and challenges of growing up with a brother or sister with Down syndrome.
02-138Biographies/TestimonialCommon Threads- Celebrating Life with Down SyndromeCynthia Kidder and Brian Skotko22001Common Threads is an essay and photographic celebration of inspirational accomplishments of people of all ages with Down syndrome.
02-171Biographies/TestimonialSpecial Siblings- Growing Up With Someone With A DisabilityMary McHugh22003Sister of a man with disabilities, the author weaves together a lifetime of memories and reflections.
02-172Biographies/TestimonialRetarded Isn't Stupid, Mom! (Revised Edition)Sandra Z. Kaufman11999In this fast-paced, engaging story, mother Sandra frankly reveals feelings of denial, guilt, frustration, and eventual acceptance to help her daughter live an independent life.
02-173Biographies/TestimonialThe Five Goodbyes, Mothering My Child with Down SyndromePat Ferguson Hanson12003This is the story of a family who did not think they were capable of raising a child with special needs, the goodbyes, challenges to obtain special services and ultimate triumph of the family that survived and thrived
02-174Biographies/TestimonialBus GirlGretchen Josephson11997Poems written over decades by Gretchen, who was born with Down syndrome, life seen through a clear-eyed lens by a perceptive young woman
02-175Biographies/TestimonialChoosing Naia, A Family's JourneyMitchell Zuckoff11967An interracial couple get the diagnosis of major heart defect halfway through their pregnacy, then Down syndrome is also diagnosed,
02-176Biographies/TesttimonialsThicker than Water: Essays of Adult Siblings of People with DisabilitiesDon Meyers22009Dedicated to the lifelong concerns of brothers & sisters of people with special health, developmental and mental health concerns
02-177Biographies/TestimonialsNatural Harmony Jade's StoryGail Albechtson12003Memoir of an endearing little girl born with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect, placed in foster care, eventually reunited with her mother who struggles to get the best for Jade…themes of frustration, coping, sadness, joy, loss, and lasting love.
03-130EducationSigning Exact EnglishGerilee Gustason & Esther Zawolkow01993The most comprehensive collection of signs for English words
03-132EducationChildren With Down's Syndrome: A Guide for Teachers and Learning Support Assistants in Mainstream Primary and Secondary SchoolsStephanie Lorenz21998This book offers advice on stradigies for meeting the special education needs of children with Down's Syndrome in mainstream schools.
03-147EducationInclusive Urban SchoolsDouglas Fisher, Nancy Frey12003A wonderfully accessible first-hand account of how some urban schools have achieved inclusion.
03-148EducationA Teacher's Guide to Including Students with Disabilities in General Physical Education (Second Edition)Martin E. Block12000This revised edition contains many new ideas and strategies on how to include students with disabilities in Phy-Ed classes
03-149EducationCOACH- Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for Children (Second Edition)Michael F. Giangreco, Chigee J. Cloninger, Virginia Salce Iverson12003Substantially revised in response to research and feedback, the second edition of this popular tool is more user friendly and family oriented.
03-150EducationRestructuring High School for All Students- Taking Inclusion to the Next LevelCheryl M. Jorgensen11998This practical text shows how to create an inclusive, collaborative community of learners and teachers at the secondary level.
03-151EducationInclusive High School- Learning from Contemporary ClassroomsDouglas Fisher, Caren Sax, Ian Pumpian11999Challenges, changes, and triumphs- inclusion advise from people who have been there.
03-152EducationInclusive Middle SchoolsCraig H, Kennedy, Douglas Fisher12001Practical information to bring successful inclusion practices into the schools
03-153EducationPositvie Behavioral Support in the Classroom- Principles and PracticesLewis Jackson, Marion Veeneman Panyan12002This book presents a cohesive framework for implementing positive behavioral support (PBS) with students K-12
03-154EducationCreativity & Collaborative Learning- Practical Guide to Empowering Students, Teachers and FamiliesJacqueline S. Thousand, Richard A. Villa, Ann I. Nevin12002This book shows education professionals how using the collaborative learning model can help the address the classroom challenges.
03-155EducationTeachers' Guides to Inclusive Practices- Modifying SchoolworkRachel Janney , Martha E. Snell22000These small, issue focused books provide eduactional professionals with a bridge from research to practice one subject at a time.
03-156EducationTeachers' Guides to Inclusive Practices- Behavioral SupportRachel Janney, Martha E. Snell12000These small, issue focused books provide eduactional professionals with a bridge from research to practice one subject at a time.
03-157EducationTeachers' Guides to Inclusive Practices- Student- Directed LearningMartin Agran, Margaret E. King-Sears, Michael L. Wehmeyer, Susan R. Copeland12000These small, issue focused books provide eduactional professionals with a bridge from research to practice one subject at a time.
03-158EducationTeachers' Guides to Inclusive Practivces- Social Relationships and Peer SupportRachel Janney, Martha E. Snell12000These small, issue focused books provide eduactional professionals with a bridge from research to practice one subject at a time.
03-159EducationTeachers' Guides to Inclusive Practices- Collaborative TeamingRachel Janney, Martha E. Snell12000These small, issue focused books provide eduactional professionals with a bridge from research to practice one subject at a time.
03-160EducationPromoting Social Success- A Curriculum for Children with Special NeedsGary N. Siperstein, Emily Paige Rickards12004Many helpful and valuable activities for teachers, parents and others.
03-161EducationTeaching By Design: Using Your Computer to Create Materials for Students with Learning DifferencesKimberly S. Voss12005Step-by-step instructions & Design strategies to create over 40 costomized education materials for children and adults with congnitive, sensory, or physical disabilities.
03-162EducationLife Skills Activities for Special ChildrenDarlene Mannix11992145 ready-to-use lessons and reproductable line master worksheets that help children acquire the basic skills necessary to achieve independence and success in everyday living.
03-163EducationSocial Skills Activites for Special ChildrenDarlene Mannix11993142 ready-to-use lessons and reproducible line master activity sheets to help children become aware of acceptable social behavior and develop proficiency in aquiring basic social skills.
03-164EducationThe Power of the Arts: Creative Strategies for Teachering Exceptional LearnersSally L. Smith12001This enlightening book provides and alternative method for teaching academic subjects to students with disablilities: the arts.
03-165EducationINCLUSION: A Service, Not a Place - A Whole School ApproachAlan Gartner PhD & Dorothy Kerzner Lipsky PhD12007This book reinforces both the need for and the path to ensuring all students have full access to the entire general education curriculum. Excellent stand-alone resource for teachers and staff developers.
03-166EducationLife Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special NeedsDarlene Mannix11995190 ready-to-use lessons, w/reproducible worksheets to help develop the basic skills necessary to experience independence & success in everyday living
03-167EducationSocial Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special NeedsDarlene Mannix11998180+ ready-to-use worksheets to help students learn basic social skills and how to apply them at home, school, work,amoung peers, and in the community
03-168EducationSpaces & Places: Designing Classrooms for LiteracyDebbie Diller12008Pictures and step-by-step process for preK - 5th grade spaces for whole and small group reading instruction, classroom libraries, literacy workstations, teacher desks, and storage areas.
03-169EducationThe Special Needs Acceptance BookEllen Sabin12007An activity book, conversation starter, and educational tools that engages children in learning to embrace people's differences and treat others with respect, compassion, and kindness
03-170EducationYou're Welcome - 30 Innovative Ideas for the Inclusive ClassroomPatrick Schwarz & Paula Kluth02007A great resource for teachers who want to make their classroom more welcoming for all students.
03-171EducationCurriculum Considerations in Inclusive Classrooms, Facilitating Learning for All StudentsSusan Stainback & William Stainback11992Promotes inclusive education by designing, adapting, and delivering curriculum in general education classrooms
03-172EducationMaking School Inclusion Work, A guide to Everyday PracticesKatie Blenk & Doris Landau Fine11995Tells how to conduct a truly inclusive school program that educates a diverse student body...diverse ethnic, economic,of presence of disabilities
03-173EducationClassroom Language Skills for Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and TeachersLibby Kumin32001Resource to understand and expand the language skills of children with Down syndrome.
03-174EducationWhat Did you Say? Guide to Speech Intelligibility in People with Down Syndrome DVDLibby Kumin & Will Schermerhorn32006This informative film looks at the importance of speech intelligibility for people with Down syndrome. This film explains various facotrs underlying speech intelligiblility problems common in Down syndrome.
03-175EducationDiscovery: Pathways to Better Speech for Children with Down Syndrome DVDWill Schermerhorn22005Chapters include: The Child Discovers the World, Communication Milestones, Hearing Issues, Encouraging Speech, Sign Language, Etc.
03-176EducationTeaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and other Hands-on Learners (Book 1)DeAnna Horstmeier, Ph.D.22004A book for teaching practical math skills to kids and adults with Down syndrome or other learning delays.
03-177EducationHelping Children with Down Syndrome Communicate BetterLibby Kumin52008This book provides parents & professionals with information they need to improve the child's communication at home,in school, & the community.
03-178EducationTeaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and other Hands-on Learners (Book 2)DeAnna Horstmeier, PhD32008Sequel to Teaching Math to People w/DS… More challenging Skills used in upper elem. & middle school
03-181EducationLearning to Listen, Positive Approaches & People with Difficult BehaviorHerbert Lovett11996This straightforward book offers logical alternatives to the ineffective & controlling practices often used by outdated service systems
03-182EducationSkillstreaming the AdolescentArnold Goldstein, Ellen McGinnis11997Shares the authors experiences & training recommendations for adolescents lacking or weak in prosocial behaviors
03-183EducationTeaching Math-Activities & Games CDDeAnna Horstmeier, PhD12008CD has activities, games, worksheets, and teaching aids from Dr. Horstmeier's books, Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other Hands-on Learners, books I & II
03-184EducationStars of Success, Understanding How Children with Down Syndrome LearnSusan J Peoples12003Helps shatter long-held myths regarding Down syndrome and then takes readers on a step-by-step journey that will help these students achieve unparralled levels of success
03-186EducationEdmark Functional Word Series: Grocery Words 211993Pages that can be copied for teaching functional words
03-187EducationEdmark Functional Word Series: Work Words 211996Pages that can be copied for teaching functional words
03-188EducationEdmark Functional Word Series: Fast Food/Restaurant Words11996Pages that can be copied for teaching functional words
03-189EducationImproving Communication of People with Down SyndromeJ Miller, M Leddy, L Leavitt31999Provides a framework for assessing & treating speech, language, & communication in people w/DS
03-190EducationNegotiating the Special Education MazeW Anderson, S Chitwood, D Hayden11997one of the best resources for all for understanding the special education system and how to make it work for individual families
03-191EducationTeaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome, A guide for Parents & TeqachersPatricia Logan Oelwein81995Children w/DS can be taught to read using an approach that provides for their unique learning style
03-192EducationThe Paraprofessional's Essential Guide to Inclusive Education, with CD-RomPeggy A Hammeken12009to be used as a daily resource. This book answers paraprofessionalsmost common questions and provides extensive strategies for all content areas
03-193EducationWhat Successful Teachers Do in Inclusive ClassroomsS. McNary, N. Glasgow, C Hicks12005This book is a convenient format with 60 research-based strategies in a user friendly guide for educators to use with tools & confidence to engage their special needs learners
04-017Education/Early ChildhoodAnti-Bias Curriculum, Tools for Ewmpowering Young ChildrenLouise Derman-Sparks & the A.B.C. Task Force21989It is important for all of us to examine possible biases and learn how they may influence children, how to reduce, handle, and even eliminate them
04-018Education/Early ChildhoodEarly Communication Skills for Children with Down SyndromeLibby Kumin22003For parent & speech-language pathologists to help maximize the communication development of young children
04-019Education/Early ChildhoodCommunity Based Curriculum, Instructional Strategies for Students with Severe HandicapsMary Falvey11989Excellent synthesis of the theoretical & practical, takes common concepts on community integration a step beyond conventional understanding
04-020Education/Early ChildhoodComo Favorecer Las Habildafes De Los Ninos Con Sindrome De DownLibby Kumin11997Resource to understand and expand Down syndrome children's use of language. Discusses communication skills from infancy through early adolescence and how Down syndrome can affect those skills.
04-021Education/Early ChildhoodEnhancing Nonsymbolic Communication Interactions Amoung Learners with Severe DisabilitiesEllin Siegel-Causey & Doug Guess11989provides conrete examples of how to increase opportunities for communication & intergrate nonsymbolic communication into routine interactions
04-022Education/Early ChildhoodGross Motor Skills in Children with Down SyndromePatricia C Winders41997Provides parents & professionals w/essential information about motor development including the impact or temperment & the effect ofphysical & medicalconditions associated w/DS
04-029Education/Early ChildhoodWings to Fly: Bringing Theater Arts to Students with Special NeedsSally Bailey11993A handbook to teach drama to special needs, elementary through high school, students. Provides specific adaptations for improvisational acting, creative drama, puppetry and script development.
04-030Education/Early ChildhoodRead to Me: Raising Kids Who Love to ReadBernice11992By reading aloud you can give your childa head start in life, an assessible & informative guidebook
04-031Education/Early ChildhoodAn Activity-Based Approach to Early InterventionDiane Bricker, Juliann J Woods Cripe11992This innovative how-to resource describes the field tested practice of activity-based intervention utenizing a child's motivations, interests, and social interactions.
04-106Education/Early ChildhoodFine Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and ProfessionalsMaryanne Bruni11998Resource to understand and expand the fine motor skills of children with Down syndrome.
04-129Education/Early ChildhoodTeaching Your Down's Syndrome InfantMarci J. Hanson01977A guide for parents and professional involved in training Down's Syndrome infants.
04-129AEducation/Early ChildhoodTeaching the Infant with Down SyndromeMarci J. Hanson21987Revised Edition of Teaching Your Down Syndrome InfantA guide for parents and professional involved in training Down's Syndrome infants.
04-175Education/Early ChildhoodThe New Language of Toys- Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Special Needs (Third Edition)Sue Schwartz, Ph. D.31996/2004This book is an invaluable resource for families and all professionals working young children.
04-176Education/Early ChildhoodTeaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and other Hands-on Learners (Book 1)DeAnna Horstmeier, Ph.D.22004A book for teaching practical math skills to kids and adults with Down syndrome or other learning delays.
04-179Education/Early ChildhoodCommunication Skills in Children with Down Syndrome-A Guide for ParentsLibby Kumin21994Provides parents with a wealth of information about speech and language development in children with DS, what to expect as skills progress from infancy through early adolestence
04-180Education/Early ChildhoodA Basic Course in Manual CommunicationTerrence J O'Rourke11973/1991NAD communicative skills program, second edition, 26th printing
04-185Education/Early ChildhoodBaby Signing Time Volume 2 DVD1Signing for ages 3 - 36 mo. Enhances memory, communicate before speech develops, and reduces frustration
04-186Education/Early ChildhoodTalking with Baby: Come Sign With Us - The Adventures of Potts & FriendsMarsha Peterson1A busy mother's method to learn and teach signs while reading to her son. It also provides other caretakers a way to learn as they care for him…increasing communication for all
05-073FictionDon't Stop the MusicRobert Perske11986A jounalist becomes involved with two young people afflicted with cerebral palsy. The two young teens become key elements in cracking an auto-theft ring and demonstrate how persons with handicaps can contribute positively to the community.
05-074FictionThe Man Who Loved ClownsJune Rae Wood11995A book of fiction about a young girl dealing with living with an uncle who has Down syndrome.
06-074Kid's BooksTaking Down Syndrome to SchoolJenna Glatzer12002
06-075Kid's BooksKeith Edward's Different DayKarin Melberg Schwier21988A book about realizing kids are different and acceptance of kids with handicaps. Good source for parents and teachers to encourage children to focus on what makes every one of us unigue.
06-076Kid's BooksArnie & The New KidNancy Carlson21990Story about a young kid teasing a handicapped child and how they ultimately became best friends.
06-077Kid's BooksSomeone Special Just Like YouTricia Brown21984The intent of this book is to help preschoolers accept one another and not judge others based on physical appearances or limitations.
06-079Kid's BooksMartin Is Our FriendEveline Hasler21977A young mentally handicapped boy encounters many difficulties in his relationship with the other children until he establishes a special bond with the horse he learns to ride.
06-080Kid's BooksMy Brother MatthewMary Thompson21992Though David knows frustration and resentment at times, he feels he understands his disabled little brother even better than his parents; and together the two boys experience a great deal of joy.
06-081Kid's BooksOur Brother Has Down SyndromeShelley Cairo21985An introduction to Down syndrome presented by two young girls who have a younger brother who has Down syndrome.
06-082Kid's BooksWhere's ChimpyDiane Schmidt51988Story about Misty, a little girl with Down syndrome, and her father reviewing her day's activities in their search for her stuffed monkey.
06-083Kid's BooksWe Can Do ItLaura Dwight22005This book will motivate disabled children, sensitize and encourage their families and friends and also have a positive impact on children without disabilities
06-084Kid's BooksWe'll Paint The Octopus RedStephanie Stuve-Bodeen11998Emma and her father discuss what they will do when the new baby arrives, but they adjust their expectations when he is born with Down syndrome.
06-088Kid's BooksSpecial Kids Make Special FriendsDebra Buchbinder Shalom21984This book is an effort to educate young children (pre-school and early grades) about Down syndrome, to provide an understanding of different learning styles and to dispel myths.
06-089Kid's BooksLeslie's StoryMartha McNey11996Describes the home and school life of twelve-year-old Leslie, a girl with mental retardation, and discusses mental retardation in general.
06-090Kid's BooksRock Finds A FriendRandall Wiethorn21988
06-091Kid's BooksCurious George Goes SleddingMargret and H. A. Rey's11984
06-092Kid's BooksSomething to Crow AboutMegan Halsey Lane21990Two chicks who look just the same find out how different they are when one begins to lay eggs and the other starts to crow.
06-094Kid's BooksSo What?Miriam Cohen01982
06-096Kid's BooksMy First Look At SortingDorling Kindersley11991Photographs of animal pairs, matching pairs, and other kinds of groups introduce the concept of sorting.
06-097Kid's BooksMy First Look At ShapesDorling Kindersley11990Photographs explore the concept of shapes, including squares, circles, rectangles, and diamonds.
06-098Kid's BooksMy First Look At SizesDorling Kindersley11990Photographs explore the concept of size, including big and little, big, bigger, biggest, and same size.
06-099Kid's BooksMy First Look At ColorsDorling Kindersley11990Photographs explore the concept of color, from red cherries and yellow duck to blue marbles and other colorful objects.
06-108Kid's BooksCharlie the CaterpillarDom DeLuise01990A story about a caterpillar's transformation from an ugly caterpilar into a beautiful butterfly.
06-109Kid's BooksWhat's Wrong with Timmy?Maria Shriver12001A story about an eight-year olds friendship with a child, Timmy, who is "different".
06-110Kid's BooksWhy Am I Different?Norma Simon01976This book shows everyday ways in which children see themselves as different.
06-111Kid's BooksBird's New ShoesChris Riddell21987A story about how it is o.k. to be different.
06-112Kid's BooksThe Mixed-Up ChameleonEric Carle21975A story about how a chameleon could change more than just his colors to be like everyone else.
06-113Kid's BooksLeo the Late BloomerRobert Kraus21971A story about Leo the Lion, and how the other animals tease him because he is a late bloomer.
06-126Kid's BooksPeoplePeter Spier21980A book illustrating people of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc.
06-127Kid's BooksLet Me Do ItAnne Rogovin11980More than 300 activities and projects for every child, regardless of ability.
06-132Kid's BooksRuss and the FirehouseJanet Elizabeth Rickert22000A visit to the firehouse for Russ!
06-133Kid's BooksRuss and the Apple Tree SurpriseJanet Elizabeth Rickert11999Russ has a surprise with the Apple Tree!
06-134Kid's BooksRuss and the Almost Perfect DayJanet Elizabeth Rickert12000Russ having a great day at school.
06-135Kid's BooksThe Best Worst BrotherStephanie Stuve Bodeen22005Life Lessons from a sibings perspective. Follows the story of "We'll Paint the Octopus Red"
06-140Kid's BookMy Friend IsabelleEliza Woloson22003My Friend Isabelle incourages us to think about why friendships are special and how our difference can make the world more interesting.
06-146Kid's BooksABC for You and MeMeg Girnis12000An ABC book with pictures of children with Down syndrome.
06-147Kid's BooksAndy & His Yellow FrisbeeMary Thompson11996This heartwarming story, viewing autism through the eyes of children, and paralleling the behaviors and feelings of children with autism with their classmates and siblings.
06-173Kid's BooksI Can, Can You?Marjorie W. Pitzer22004Come along with these children with Down syndrome as they discover their world.
06-174Kid's BooksVictoria's DayMaria de Fatima Campos12007This book chronicles a typical day in the life of four year old Victoria, who lives with her parents in London, England and also has Down syndrome.
06-175Kid's BooksMy Up & Down & All Around BookMarjorie W. Pitzer22008Introduce your child to many od the most common prepositions. Features children w/DS playing & having fun.
06-176Kid's BooksSomeone Called Me a Retard Today...and My Heart Felt SadEllen O'Shaughnessy11992Helps young readers develop empathy for their classmates who are different from them
06-177Kid's BooksHi, I'm Ben . . . And I've Got A SecretJulie Bouwkamp31995An exciting and useful tool in introducing young children to Down syndrome
06-178Kid's BooksThe Don't-Give-Up KidJeanne Gehret11990The different sides of how children learn differently
06-179Kid's BooksDifferent & AlikeNancy P. McConnell11988Examples of how kids who are different are also alike
06-180Kid's BooksMy BuddyAudrey Osofsky1A boy with MD and his service dog Buddy
06-181-1Kid's BooksBe Good to Eddie LeeVirginia Fleming11993How the neighbor girl learned to be nice to Eddie Lee not because she was told to but because she wanted to
06-182-1Kid's BooksCharlsie's ChuckleClara Widess Berkus11992A story about a seven year old boy with Down syndrome who becomes a local hero when his infectious laugh brings harmony to his home town
06-183Kid's BooksKids Like Me Learn ABCsLaura Ronay22009Thick pages of the alphabet with kids and objects
06-184Kid's BooksKids Like Me Learn ColorsLaura Ronay22009Thick pages of the colors with kids and objects
06-185Kid's BooksThe Little King & His Marshmellow KingdomLouis Rotell III12010King Louis IV rules over a kingdom where the sun always shines and every meal is a picnic w/marshmellows for dessert. The king helps his friends understand everyone is unique
07-033Life/Transition PlanningAdolescents with Down Syndrome: Toward a More Fulfilling LifeSiegfried Pueschel and Maria Sustrova31997This publication aims to provide a holistic perspective on the adolescents life--biomedical concerns,behavioral, and psychiatric issues, educational pursuits and the transition process from school to work.
07-034Life/Transition PlanningSelf-Determinaltion Across the Life Span: Independence and Choice for People with DisabilitiesDeanna J. Sands and Michael Wehmeyer11996This book explores the theoretical, developmental and practical aspects of decision making and offers suggestions on how to incorporate self-determination skills into educational programs.
07-035Life/Transition PlanningTeaching Self Determination to Students with Disabilities: Basic Skills for Successful TransitionMichael Wehmeyer, Martin Agran, and Carolymn Hughes21998This text is a book of strategies, instructional methods, and materials that enables the teaching of self-determination skills to youth with disabilities.
07-164Life/Transition PlanningLife Beyond the Classroom- Transition Strategies for Young People with Disabilities (Third Edition)Paul Wehman02001This book has everything students, instructors, and professional in rehabilitation programs need to define, plan, facilitate, and support transition for young people with disabilities
07-166Life/Transition PlanningTransition Assessment - Wise Practices for Quality LivesCaren L. Sax, Colleen A. Thoma12002This book shows readers how to foster understanding through thoughtful, individualized transition assessments.
07-167Life/Transition PlanningMoving On without ParentsChristine Bigby12000This book examines the nature and success of parental planning for the future care of adult children with intellectual disability.
07-168Life/Transition PlanningThe Down Syndrome Transition HandbookJoAnn Simons M.S.W.12010Helps parent prepare a child w/Down syndrome for adulthood, practical tips, step by step instructions for envisioning the future, developing a transition plan, and seeing it through.
07-169Life/Transition PlanningThe Transition Handbook: Strategies High School Teachers Use that Work!Carolyn Hughes & Erick W Carter12000Identifies an array of strategies of transition supports for high school teachers and their associatesfor helping individuals with disabilities maximize their potential.
07-170Life/Transition PlanningNext Chapter Book Club-A Model Community Literacy Program for People with Intellectual DisabilitiesTom, Fish, & Paula Rabidoux22009NCBC book & CD explains how to form/sponsor a book club for teens & adults with disabilities at all levels of reading abilities to read, discuss & socialize to improve literacy & social skills, increase self esteem & community inclusion
07-171Life/Transition PlanningLife Facts: Sexuality: Essential Information About Life…For Persons with Special Needs (available electronically)James Stanfield Company Inc12001MULI MEDIA (Available electronicall) 24 Section, 27 lessions with 13 worksheets covering Human Growth & Development, Sexual Behavior & Feelings, Reproductive Health, Realtionships
07-172Life/Transition PlanningCooking by Color: Recipes for IndependenceJoan Gutherie Medlen12010Not just a cook book, it's a method. Color coding, universal design and plain language…information to set every cook up for a successful kitchen experience.
07-173Life/Transition Planning101 Ways to Make Friends: Ideas & Conversation Starters for people with disabilities and their supportsSusan Kurliak & Aaron Johannes12010Easy read, useful in a variety of situations. Developed by people w/disabilities & supporter , helps support folks develop real lasting relationships which increasesafety, health and happiness as they enjoy community living.
07-174Life/Transition Planning101 Ways to Make Friends: Ideas & Conversation Starters for people with disabilities and their supports 2nd EditionAaron Johannes12011Used by Self Advocate Groups, Classrooms, & by facilitators. Easy read, useful in a variety of situations. Developed by people w/disabilities & supporter , helps support folks develop real lasting relationships which increasesafety, health and happiness as they enjoy community living.
07-175Life/Transition Planning101 Ways to Facilitate Making Friends: How to engage & deepen support networks for people with disabilitiesAaron Johannes12011For self advocates & their supporters to help connect with the communities they live in.
08-012MedicalDown Syndrome: Living and Learning in the CommunityNade and Rosenthal21995This book is a direct result of the Fifth International Down Syndrome Conference. It provides information about the programs and services available to people with Down syndrome and an overview of the latest medical advances.
08-013MedicalDown Syndrome: The FactsMark Selikowitz21990Written by a developmental pediatrician, this book is an easy-to-read comprehensive guide covering the challenges faced during a Down syndrome child's infancy, childhood, and adulthood.
08-014MedicalMedical and Surgical Care for Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for ParentsVanDyke41995An easy-to-understand overview of specific medical conditions that are more common among children with Down syndrome.
08-016MedicalYour Child and Health Care: A Dollars & Sense Guide for Families with Special NeedsLynn Rosenfeld01994Source for advice--financial assistance programs, organizations, government services--on how to make the most of your financial resources.
08-08MedicalCounseling for Heart DiseasePaul Bennet11993This book examines the role of counseling and communication in the process of helping people come to terms with the problems associated with heart disease.
08-09MedicalCounseling Parents of Children with Chronic Illness or DisabilityHilton Davies11993A reference framework and a basisi for understanding and helping parents as they adapt to their child's problems.
08-10MedicalDown Syndrome Advances in Medical CareIra T. Lott and Ernest E. McCoy11993This publication covers all aspects of medical care (a health-care strategy) for the person with Down syndrome. Provides a suggested timetable for medical/surgical intervention across the life span.
08-104MedicalChanges In You (for boys)Peggy C. Siegel41994A clearly illustrated, simply worded explanation of the changes of puberty for boys.
08-105MedicalChanges In You (for girls)Peggy C. Siegel21994A clearly illustrated, simply worded explanation of the changes of puberty for girls.
08-114MedicalYour Child's Medical JournalSharon Larsen11999A record keeping journal of your child's personal health history from conception through adulthood.
08-115MedicalThe Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Intergration DysfunctionCarol Stock Kranowitz11998A accessible, clearly written guide to Sensory Intergration Dysfunction-and a drug-free approach that offers new hope for parents.
08-116MedicalNew Perspectives on Down SyndromeEdited by Siegfried Pueschel11987This medical book offers a wealth of information on Down syndrome. Progress in medicine, education, psychosocial development and community living.
08-117MedicalThe Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids with Sensory Processing DisorderCarol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.12003Each activity in this inspiring and practical book is SAFE-Sensory-motor, Appropriate, Fun, and Easy-to help develop and organize a child's brain and body.
08-124MedicalKids with Celiac Disease: A Family Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy, Gluten-free ChildrenDanna Korn22001A Practical survival guide for families of children and teenagers with this life-long digestive disorder.
08-136MedicalGluten-Free DietShelly Case12001Over 1600 gluten-free specialty foods listed by company and product name.
08-139MedicalIncredible Edible Gluten Free Foods for KidsSheri Sanderson22002A cookbook with over 150 edible gluten free foods for kids.
08-169MedicalSexuality- Your Sons and Daughters with Intellectual DisabilitiesKarin Melberg Schweir, Dave Hingburger22000In this book, you'll learn to interact with your child- no matter their age or ability- in a way that increases self-esteem, encourages appropriate behavior, empowers them to recognize abuse, and enables them to develop lifelong relationships.
08-170MedicalTeaching Children with Down Syndrome About Their Bodies, Boundaries and SexualityTerri Chouwenhoven32007A healthy, proactive approach to educating children with Down syndrome about their bodies and sexuality.
08-174MedicalDemystifying Autism Spectrum Disorders- A Guide to Diagnois for Parents and ProfessionalsCarolyn Thorwarth Bruey, Psy. D.12004This book is a very powerful resource for families of children on the autism spectrum.
08-175MedicalAsperger Syndrome and AdolescenceTeresa Bolick12001Packed with practical advise and inspiring stories to use as a guidebook as you help as teen with AS
08-176MedicalRunning on Ritalin: A Physician Reflects on Children, Society, and Performance in a PillLawrence H. Diller11998A physician speaks in a wide-ranging and evenhanded way, from intimate knowledge on "America's epidemic level" of diagnoses of ADHD and Ritalin
08-177MedicalThe Myth of the A.D.D.* ChildThomas Armstrong11995Offers fifty non-drug strategies for helping a child overcome attention and behavior problems, lists to find interventions for a particular child, resource suggestions
08-178MedicalLiving with ADHDRebecca Kajander11995A practical guide to coping with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
08-179MedicalTaking Charge of ADHDRussell A. Barkley11995Pioneering research provides new insight into preventing ADHD from becoming a major obstacle in a child's life with step-by-step ways of managing situations, available medications, and techniques for school performance.
08-181MedicalThe Down's Syndrome Handbook, A Practical Guide for Parents & CarersRichard Newton12004Combining expert knowledge with sympathic common sense, updated comprehensive handbook with help & advise to parents & carers to show them how to help children with DS to flourish & reach their full potential
08-182MedicalBiomedical Concerns in Persons with Down SyndromeSiegfried & Jeanette Pueschel11992Offers innovative services, discusses controversial issues and examines many health concerns associated with a person with DS
08-183MedicalMedical & Surgical Care for Children with Down SyndromeD.C. Van Dyke, P Mattheis MDs S Schoon Eberlys MA, & J Williams RN, PhD 01995Gives Parents a complete &Easy-to-read overview of specific medical conditions that are more common in children with Down syndrome
08-184MedicalStraight Talk about psychiatric Medications for KidsTimothy E Wilens, MD12009This book is a guide to empower parents to become active, informed managers of their child's care. The book explains how medications work, their impact on emotions, personality, school performance and health; the risks and benefits of widely used antidepressants and more. Up-to-date info on specific disorders-ADHD & bipolar disorder.
08-185MedicalSexuality Issues for Youth with Disabilities and Chronic Health ConditionsCecily Shapland11999Pamphlet published by PACER , US Dept. of Human Services et al
09-01ParentingBabies With Down Syndrome: A New Parent's Guide (2nd Edition)Karen Stray-Gunderson51995A comprehensive, easy-to-understand, contemporary introduction to Down syndrome. Includes information on prenatal testing, early intervention, legal and medical issues, and resources.
09-02ParentingBebes Con Sindrome De Down: Guia para padresKaren Stray-Gunderson11998A comprehensive, easy-to-understand, contemporary introduction to Down syndrome.
09-03ParentingKeys to Parenting a Child with Down SyndromeMarlene Brill11993This book offers guardians of children with Down syndrome advice on managing healthcare, dealing with siblings, coping with finances and choosing education, recreation, adult living, and employment options.
009-04ParentingA Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome Toward a Brighter Future Version 1Siegfried M Pueschel51990Life may change, but with Dr. Pueschel's informative, easy-to-understand guide, parents (and professionals) can help a child with Down syndrome lead an active fulfilling life.
09-05ParentingParenting Plus: Raising Children with Special NeedsPeggy Finston11990A parental book that provides practical advice on how to approach the difficulties faced by parents with handicapped or chonically ill children.
09-06ParentingUnderstanding Down Syndrome: An Introduction for ParentsCliff Cunningham11996This book provides an in-depth discussion in lay terms of parental reactions to, and causes of, and the development outlook for children with Down Syndrome.
09-07ParentingYour Down Syndrome ChildEunice McClung01986A guide for coping and dealing with the problems of having and raising a Down's child. The chapters in this book are broken down by chronological age.
09-131ParentingA Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome Toward a Brighter FutureSeigfried Pueschel42001This book will prepare you to respond to the challenges of Down syndrome and enable you to help your son or daughter enjoy all life has to bring
09-168ParentingSpecial Children, Challenged Parents- The Struggles and Rewards of Raising a Child with a DisabilityRobert A. Naseef, Ph.D.12001Writing with the wisdom of a mental health professional and the compassion of a father, Dr. Naseef has given us a book that will instruct and inspire us all.
09-170ParentingNobody's Perfect- Living and Growing with Children Who Have Special NeedsNancy B. Miller11994In this book, Dr. Miller draws on more than 30 years of experience counseling families with children who have special needs.
09-171ParentingGrowing Up Again: Parenting Ourselves, Parenting our ChildrenJean Illsley Clarke11998This books offer guidance on providing children with the structure & nurturing that are so critical to their development
09-172ParentingConnections: The Threads that Strengthen FamiliesJean Illsley Clarke11999Family relationships under contemporary pressures; wide range of options with making family life flourish
09-173ParentingThe Explosive ChildRoss W. Greene12001A new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children
09-174ParentingBrothers & Sisters, A Special Part of Exceptional FamiliesThomas Powell, Peggy Ahrenhold Gallagher11993A reliable research mingled with perceptive
09-175ParentingThe Self-Help Guide for Special Kids and Their ParentsJoan Matthews, James Williams12000Describes the problems that a special person may face, and the solutions which they have found to work sucessfully.
09-176ParentingWorry Free ParentingJudy Cooper, Jo Harvatin11992Practical, sensible tips for dealing with concerns & issues faced by parnets everyday, proactive, helps minimize worry & maximize effectiveness
09-177ParentingFor Parents: How to Raise Your Child's Self EsteemJudy Cooper11992Self esteem facts, tips and suggestions, family activities
09-178ParentingDown Syndrome Parenting 101Natalie Hale32011The author offers advice on everything from celebrating the child's uniqueness to insisting he finish his/her chores. She offers encouragement and support , and frequest reminder for parent to follow their intuition, embrace humor, and remember even kids with DS need disipline from time to time.
10-086Publication GuidesThe Special Needs Reading List: An Annotated Guide to the Best Publications for Parents and ProfessionalsWilma K. Sweeney11998This guidebook is divided into two sections. Part I, All Disabilities, contains topically organized reviews of a wide range of disabilities. Part II, Specific Disabilities, reviews sources of common disabilities of childhood.
11-043Resource/SupportBaby MassageAnelkia Auckett11981An illustrated book on baby massage. Highlights the positive effect of massage as a healing process and as an alternative to medicines.
11-045Resource/SupportBuilding and Evaluating Family Support InitiativesCarl Dunst, Carol Trivette, Lauren Starnes, Deborah Hamby and Nancy Gordon11993This reference details the results of an extensive national study of federal and local policies and practices for the families of persons with disabilities.
11-046Resource/SupportBridging Early Services for Children with Special Needs and Their FamiliesSharon Rosenkoetter, Ann Hains, and Susan Fowler11994This transition planning manual guides parents and service providers through the process of planning coordinated, uninterrupted services for children and their families.
11-048Resource/SupportDifferences in CommonMarilyn Trainer31991A collection of essays about the challenges, hopes, fears and triumphs of raising a child with Down syndrome.
11-049Resource/SupportThe Early Intervention DictionaryJeanine Coleman11993This resource guide defines and clarifies terms used by medical, therapeutic, and educational professionals who provide early intervention services for children with developmental disabilities.
11-050Resource/SupportHuman Services? That Must Be So RewardingBernstein and Halasyn11989An introspective work written for people who currently provide or will be providing human services.
11-051Resource/SupportHope for FamiliesRobert Perske51973This easy-to-read book contains a series of eye-opening, direction-giving signposts meant to guide (overcome fears and inhibitions) the families of persons with developmental disabilities.
11-052Resource/SupportIn Time and With Love: Caring for the Special Needs BabyMarilyn Segal21988Written by a mother of a handicapped child who is a developmental psychologist this book is based on interviews with families belonging to a special needs support group. Focus is adjustment, everday living, playing & learning, decision making, resources.
11-053Resource/SupportLaying Community Foundations for Your Child with a Disability: How to Establish Relationships That Will Support Your Child after You're GoneLinda Stengle21996With the help of checklists and charts, this guidebook shows how to put together a network of non-paid friends and advocates to ensure the health and quality of life for your child after your death.
11-054Resource/SupportLife As We Know It: A Father, A Family and an Exceptional ChildMichael Berube11996A father's portrait of his Down syndrome son's development during the first four years of his life. The issues addressed include I.Q. testing, the politics of education, disability law, social services, health care and entitlements.
11-055Resource/SupportLoving Your Child Is Not EnoughNancy Somalin01987Focusing on both the concerns of parents and the development of self-esteem in children, this book shows how discipline can be used positively to set clear and consistent guidelines.
11-057Resource/SupportQuality Assurance for Individuals with Developmental DisabilitiesBradley and Bersani11990This book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding quality assurance.
11-058Resource/SupportReclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the FutureLarry Brewndtro, Martin Brokenleg and Steve Van Bockern11998Drawing on the wisdom of Native Americans and of established leaders in the field, this book offers suggestions for creating environments in which "difficult" youngsters can grow and flourish.
11-059Resource/SupportSince OwenCharles Callanan11990A comprehensive guidebook for parents of children with disabilities written by the father of a 30-year old with developmental disabilities.
11-060Resource/SupportSupport for Caregiving Families--Enabling Positive Adaptation to DisabilityGeorge Singer and Larry Irvin21989This publication provides an overview of family support services for families of individuals with developmental disabilities. Emphasis here is on family coping skills and community resources for facilitating positive adaption to disability.
11-095Resource/SupportIncluding Your ChildSusan Gruskin, Kim Silverman and Veda Bright11997U.S. Department of Education publication that addresses "special needs" parenting. Booklet covers first eight years of a child's life, provides a developmental progress chart and addresses of associations/organizations that deal with special needs.
11-117Resource/SupportEmpty Arms: A Guide To Help Parents and Loved Ones Cope With Misscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal DeathSherokee Iise01982A guide to hepl cope with misscarriage, stillbirht and neonatal death.
11-118Resource/SupportToilet TrainingVicki Lansky's11984A guide to help children with toilet training.
11-125Resource/SupportThe Journey to Inclusion: A resource for state policy makersTecla M. Jaskulski11995President's Committee on Mental Retardation
11-126Resource/SupportYou Will Dream New DreamsStanley D. Klein and Kim Schive12001Inspiring Personal Stories By Parents of Children With Disabilities
11-128Resource/SupportTime to Begin: Early Education for Children with Down SyndromeValentine Dmitriev01982A practical manual for guiding the development of children with Down Syndrome from infancy through two years
11-135Resourse/SupportThe Down Syndrome Nutrition HandbookJoan E. Guthrie Medlen, R.D. L.D.32002A guide to promoting Healthy Lifestyles.
11-140Resource/SupportFeel Our Freedom: Communication and Connections for People with Developmental DisabilitiesAlisa Hauser Kraft12002Share in the journeys of more than forty adults who are achieving greater independence and greater freedom.
11-141Resource/SupportEspresso for your Spirit- Hope & Humor for Pooped-Out ParentsPam Vredevelt11999This book will help refresh your soul through stories filled with hope and encouragement.
11-143Resource/SupportYour Child's Self-EsteemDorothy Corkille Briggs11975Step-by-step guidelines for raising responsible, productive, happy children.
11-148Resource/SupportSteps to IndependenceBruce Baker & alen Brightman12004This book gives you proven strategies for teaching life skills children from age 3 through young adulthood need to live as independently as possible.
11-161Resource/SupportFamilies & Positive Behavior Support- Addressing Problem Behavior in Family ContextsJoseph M. Lucyshyn, Glen Dunlap, Richard W. Albin12002The Family, Community, & Disability series not only provides a forum for contemporary work on the challenges and issues faced by families, but also offers effective ways to promote positive family adaptation to disability.
11-162Resource/SupportChildren's Psychological Testing- A Guide for Nonpsychologists (Third Edition)David L. Wodrich11997This highly acclaimed resource explains in layman's terms the principles behind psychological testing.
11-163Resource/SupportPositive Behavioral Support-Including People with Difficult Behavior in the CommunityLynn Kern Koegel, Robert Koegel & Glen Dunlap22001This person-and family centered book features compelling case studies, research based studies and thoughtful discussions.
11-164Resource/SupportEverybody's Different: Understanding and Changing Our Reactions to DisablilitesNancy B. Miller & Catherine C. Sammons11999This book helps us enrich our interactions with people who have disablility differences. The authors explore how our reactions to and our beliefs about disablilites influence our progress towars and inclusive society.
11-165Resource/SupportMarried with Special-Needs Children: A Couples's Guide to Keeping ConnectedLaura Marshak & Fran Pollock Prezant12007A book for parents to examine the stress that is often placed upon a marriage when a couple has a child with a disability.
11-166Resource/SupportThe Alzheimer's Project - Momentum in ScienceJohn Hoffman & Susan Froemke12009Based on an HBO documentary is a facinating story of scientific discovery/ recent breakthroughs that might mean staying cognitivelyt vital throughour a long life
11-167Resource/SupportPart of the Community: Strategies for Including EveryoneJan Nisbet & David Hagner12000How can you fully include individuals with disabilities of all ages in every aspect of community life? In this groundbreaking book, the editors show how they've changed their community to betteer support people with disablilities.
11-168Resource/SupportGifts 2: How People with Down Syndrome Enrich the WorldKathryn Lynard Soper12009Sequel to Gifts: Mothers reflect… Broad range of perspectives that offers anyone who wonders how people with Down syndrome live today.
11-169Resource/SupportThe Year My Son and I Were BornKathryn Lynard Soper12009Takes us through her first year as a mother of a child with Down syndrome, shares contridictory emotions, self-doubts, and even spiritual questions that many parents experience but rarely admit.
12-030SocialCircles of FriendsRobert Perske41988The emphasis of this book is pure and simple friendship. It is a collection of true stories and issues to ponder concerning friendships between people with disabilities and so-called normals.
12-031SocialCommunity Recreation & Persons with Disabilities: Strategies for IntegrationStuart Schlein11988The purpose of this book is to provide a practical and philosophical basis for including children and adults with disabilities in community leisure services.
12-032SocialDelicate Threads: Friendships Between Children With and Without Special Needs in Inclusive SettingsDebbie Staub, Ph.D.11998This book, based on seven pairs of friendships, provides an insider's view of the social lives of children with and without disabilities, and suggestions for supporting such relationships.
12-033SocialKids with Down Syndrome Staying Healthy and Making Friends DVDWill Schermerhorn12008This DVD brings together parents & professionals internationally to give an up-to-date and comprehensive guide to health & social challenges
12-034SocialLife Goes On Season 1 DVD11990A series about a loving family facing problems we all face, with the edition of the second child having DS
12-035SocialDuo DVD Movie