New Parents

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If you have come to this page of the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota web site, there is a good chance that it is once again time for our community to celebrate.

If you are the new parent of a child with Down syndrome, congratulations and a hearty welcome to a large and caring community.

There are thousands of us all around you – perhaps as many as 3,000 in just the upper Midwest and well more than a million nationwide. We have all been just where you are today and will be tomorrow in your passage with Down syndrome.

When in that passage things become tangled and confused, you need to know you can turn to us – to the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota and our thousands of members. For facts, clarity, support. Or simply a bit of solace.

Beyond that, know you and your family are now part of a community that knows how to work hard for our kids and then play hard when it is time to celebrate. Join us for both by contacting

Or check us out first. A good time would be at the Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk held annually on the last Sunday of September at St. Paul’s Como Park. This year we expect between 7,500 and 8,000 close, happy friends!

In the meantime, take care of yourself. You are now a parent, making you one of the most important people in the world, to at least one other. That can be demanding work; make time for breaks, get your rest and enjoy!

For New Parents

Sample New Parent GiftsOne of the most important programs of the Down Syndrome Association’s Down Comforter program. We provide packets to hospitals, birth centers and clinics throughout the region. If you did not receive a packet in the hospital or from your medical provider, please click the link below to view contents and request a packet sent to you.

We also send out gifts to new parents! We would love to send some to you! Click the link below below to request the new parent gifts!

Click here to request a Down Comforter Packet

Click here to request New Parent Gifts