Website Wednesday – DSAM Healthcare page!

You may have noticed that our Healthcare page has been a bit lacking. Well folks, we are starting to fill it in and we are pretty excited.

We have started with the newly updated Healthcare guidelines. We have linked to the awesomely presented guidelines that the National Down Syndrome Society has put together for each age group.

Please note: The adult healthcare guidelines have not changed since the 1999 revision of the guidelines.

Our plan is to populate the page with “Down Syndrome Healthcare 101” topics. If there is something specific you think that we should include, please share with us in the comments!


Another resource we would like to share with you this week is the Minnesota Children & Youth with Special Health Needs (MCYSHN). MCYSHN is part of the MInnesota Department of Health website and links directly to organizations that can provide information on healthcare needs for your kiddos, including: Family Voices, Help Me Grow, MinnesotaHelp.info, Local Public Health (select your county to find resources!), Minnesota Parents Know and Pacer’s family-to-family info center.