Website Wednesday – Moms With Apps


This week I am excited about Moms with Apps – a website that I learned about from Lisa Juliar, a speaker at both our Adult Matters Conference and our Regional Conference.

Moms with Apps is a blog all about, you got it, APPS! You can find out about great apps for apple and android products on this site.

I will let Moms with Apps tell you a bit about themselves:

About Us

Moms With Apps is a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Most of our membership is comprised of parents who have launched their own apps on the App Store, have their own access to iTunes Connect, and have the time and inclination to share best practices with other app developers.

How Can I Participate?

If you create family-friendly apps, and are interested in collaborating with other developers, consider joining our online forum.  All programs and discussions are based out of our forum. Your name, app, website, and personal introduction will be required for joining.

Our Purpose:

For Developers: To provide collaborative, developer-to-developer support by helping each other learn about the evolving mobile app marketplace. Successful independent software developers will lead to more thoughtful and diverse products in new media.

For Parents: To encourage families to think carefully about how they use technology in the home, and to introduce them to the variety of family-friendly apps in our developer network.

For Kids & Technology: To advocate healthy intersections of kids and family life with technology, where technology becomes an interactive tool for real life, and not a screen to hide behind. We believe there is potential in emerging mobile platforms to meet needs for education, communication and accessibility. We strive for our apps to be high-quality, educational, interactive and useful.

So far, my favorite features of the website are:

The Jelly Bean Reports 

The Jelly Bean Reports cover latest news, product reports, apps covering topics from books to special needs, sales and promotions, updates and more.

App Friday

App Friday is a weekly promotion for family-friendly app developers to highlight apps.  My favorite app from last weeks App Friday was Eco Zico (Eco Zico tells the story of Zico, a superhero who goes on a mission to save planet Earth.)

Have fun and let us know on our facebook page (We are still working out the comments here!) if you find anything cool!